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Tomsk is the largest of the Wimbledon Wombles, and also the oldest of the young Wombles. He is strong, athletic and sporty - a very physical character and is the bassist and backup singer of the novelty pop rock band, The Wombles. All wombles love nature, but Tomsk has a particular affinity for the outdoors.

Tomsk's exceptional size and strength are belied by a very gentle soul and childlike innocence. He is a warm, loyal, lovable womble, who lacks any real mental prowess. He's prone to taking things literally, which has rather drastic results at times.

Tomsk quite often gets taken in by Bungo's mischief and they're a bit of a double act. He doesn't always understand what Bungo's up to, but laughs along anyway so as not to be left out.

Tomsk is a devoted friend, dependable and good-natured. His job is very often to serve as a night-watch womble, making sure that all of the wombles have returned safely each evening.

In Series 1 and 2, Tomsk wore a white vest with a big Womble "W" on it. In Series 3, 4 and 5 (current), he wears a white vest, but with a smaller Womble "W" on it which is in a circle. He is named after a place in south-central Russia.

Tomsk, as seen in Series 1 and 2

Tomsk (second to left), as seen in the books