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Tobermory, as seen in the 1990s TV series (and currently)

Tobermory is second-in-command of the burrow, helping Great Uncle Bulgaria by overseeing its day to day workings. He also serves as a mechanical mastermind and has a particular gift for making useful gadgets out of ordinary, everyday rubbish. He is the keyboardist and backing vocalist of the novelty pop rock band, The Wombles. He doesn't belive in waste and can see a use for everything.

Tobermory is very good friends with Great Uncle Bulgaria. While he has fully embraced the 21st century, he fully respects Great Uncle Bulgaria's views on the origin of things and has great respect for the old womble's position. While Tobermory is very comfortable motoring around in a turbo wom-hummer, he can also be seen strolling by alongside Uncle Bulgaria on their morning walks.

Tobermory is middle-aged (about halfway between Uncle Bulgaria and the young wombles), phlegmatic and practical. While he stands no nonsense from the young wombles as he supervises their daily clearing up duties, Tobermory is patient and steadfastly positive. He's also confident to the young wombles and a strong supporter of most any endeavour the young wombles embark upon.

Tobermory has a chivalrous, gentlemanly relationship with Madame Cholet, treating her as his well respected equal. He is very fond of Wellington's attempts at inventing, and likes to encourage his young apprentice whenever possible, but at the same time very often ends up having quite a mess to tend to when Wellington's inventions go horribly wrong. Tobermory used to be in the Navy.

In all series, Tobermory wears a brown leather working apron and a black bowler hat. He is named after the place on the Isle of Mull in Scotland.