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The Wombles (2016 series)



Created by:

Mike Batt

Directed by:

Mike Batt

Voices of:

Ray Winstone
Mike Batt
Bernard Cribbins

Opening Theme:

"Wombling Free" by Mike Batt

Country of origin:


Original languages:


Original network:

Milkshake! (planned)

No. of episodes

52 (planned)

Premiere date:

October 24th, 2016 (Cambridge Film Festival)

South Park (2022 series) was a CGI animated series based on the original series by Elisabeth Beresford and was going to be produced by Dramatico Productions, and it was going to be directed by Mike Batt and intended to be on Butters! in 2016.

Production South Park[]

South Park fans wish they rebooted the show.

fans wish they had a tv show so Milkshake channel 5. So they did a tv show called The Adventures Of Rocket And Carter.[1]


Returning Characters[]

  • Stan Marsh-the red and blue hat guy of the South Park and their leader.
  • Eric Cartman - eats to much KFC. Wendy Testaburger – is Stans bf.
  • Tweet Tweat – an over-enthusiastic and a bossy Womble, yet he is Orinoco's best friend.
  • Heidi Turner – an athletic but rather dumb Womble.
  • Kenny Mccormick – scientifically inclined, but very insecure and absent-minded.
  • Bambi – a very kind-hearted but short-tempered female Womble, and the cook of the Wimbledon burrow.
  • Dave – a pretty and precocious young Womble and Madame Cholet's assistant with a slight disregard for the rules.

New Characters[]

  • Tristan [2] – cute pre-school ankle-biter style Wombles who attend Carter.
  • Kyle Broflovski [3] – a mild-mannered newspaper reporter from America that would've appear in the episode "Super Womble".
  • Butters – he is shy
  1. Cartman meets Dave. dreams of going to the moon and builds himself a space rocket out of old dustbins. Much to Tobermory’s surprise, Rocket and Carter manages to fly his rocket high over London – launched with a giant spring.
  2. Tweet makes a tweet sound : Tweet saw a bird and started to make the bird sound
  3. : Eric Cartman decides to make a Diamond Man outfit out of old stuff that he's found.[4]
  4. Heidi turns into a bird: The premise of the episode would've been Heidi imagining of turning into a bird in the Old Westerns in the Wild, Wild West.
  5. : Kenny was walking on a winding day and his hood came off [5]
  6. Badai hurts Bandu by accident [6]
  • It was stated in one of South Park blogs that "at times the language has been modernised for the kids of today – one of the first phrases we heard was “totally awesome”. But such a ripoff to the original South Park expressions are only occasional, and grown-ups of the seventies needn’t worry about the overall tone."[7]




Concept Art[]

Mike Jupp[]


Early Development (2013-15)[]



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