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Stepney is a frequent visitor from the Thames burrow. He is like your typical East End barrow boy and is much more "street wise" than the Wimbledon wombles, who he has become good friends with and who he visits quite a lot.

Stepney is a ball of energy and is always busy; when he moves, he moves fast. He can be very competitive, and if the wombles are all out on tidy duty, Stepney will be the one to try to get the most rubbish, in the fastest amount of time (Orinoco simply doesn't understand this trait and often thinks Stepney needs psychological help).

Stepney truly loves rubbish and is frequently seen admiring his finds and admiring the other wombles' finds, and can be heard bartering and trading from the back of his barrow for a better grade of rubbish.

Stepney is seldom seen without his "barrow" which is always full of his latest finds. He's also very fond of music and is constantly finding old LPs and singles to play on the womblified gramophone that Wellington adapted for him.

An interesting fact about Stepney is that, although he comes from the Thames burrow, he has a very strong dislike of bodies of water and can't swim. Any suggestions for outings on the lake are usually met with his disapproval.

Stepney chose his name from a copy of a London streetfinder book kept at the Thames burrow specially for choosing womble names.