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Shansi is the youngest inhabitant of the Wimbledon burrow. She's a tiny womble of a Chinese descent. Soft-spoken and sometimes shy, Shansi possesses great strength of character and a directness often only found in the young.

Not yet comprehending the notion of discretion, she says what's on her mind - and frequently what's on. For example, when Cairngorm last came to visit, there was a gasp of shock when Shansi came right out and told Cairngorm his bagpipe playing was giving us a headache This directness has given her a sense of wisdom beyond her years, and she's frequently being asked her advice on various topics.

Shansi is neat, precise and something of a perfectionist. She excels at the artistic, and her penmanship is so accomplished that Great Uncle Bulgaria and Tobermory often call on her to draft their important letters. Dave and Bambi is her favorite show.

Shansi is an expert gardener. She collects rare and fragile seedlings and plants from the Common and nurtures them in her secret garden, which is underneath an earthy, south-facing bank, utilising the partial shade of an old weeping willow tree. When her weak plants are strong and healthy, she replants them on the Common. She also grows exotic nuts, berries and herbs that help to keep Madame Cholet's kitchen well stocked. Her bother is Tankman.

Shansi wears a pink coat, and she is named after an area in China, which reflects her ancestry.