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Rocket Womble
Season CGI, Episode 1
Air date October 24th, 2016 (Cambridge Film Festival)
Written by n/a
Directed by Mike Batt
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Green Cake

Rocket Womble is the first episode of the CGI series, and it was screened at Cambridge Film Festival on October 24th, 2016 alongside Green Cake.


Wellington dreams of going to the moon and builds himself a space rocket out of old dustbins. Much to Tobermory’s surprise, Wellington manages to fly his rocket high over London – launched with a giant spring.


For a full transcript of "Rocket Womble", click here.


  • The whole entire episode was posted on YouTube by Mike Jupp, who worked on the show, back in 2020, and it was 90% finished at the time. There was also some latest information about the show given from him. He stated the show over-ran its budget, meaning that the show is completely cancelled. He has also stated that he’ll always be proud of the storyboard. But then just a few months later, the video was taken down by YouTube for unknown reasons.