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Orinoco is the main protagonist of The Wombles franchise. He is the lead singer and songwriter of the Wombles.

As Orinoco sees it, you might as well do what you're good at, and he knows he's good at eating and sleeping - both pastimes get a lot of practice. Despite being fat, lazy and greedy, Orinoco is still the most loveable of the Young Wombles because his motives are so very basic. He has a great air of innocence which prevents his habits from being annoying to the others.

Orinoco is actually rather clever, which is how he manages to succeed so often in avoiding work and finding a hiding place for a nap ("I'll just have an extra forty winks"). When necessity strikes, he can be very imaginative. And, truth be known, it is possible to distract Orinoco from his 2 favourite obsessions as he does enjoy an adventure, but it isn't long before his attention returns to you know what.

Orinoco doesn't get around as quickly as the others and, being out of shape, he is prone to the occasional injury. Orinoco has a very calm nature and isn't one to overreact needlessly. He sometimes tends to miss the enormity of a situation. The others tend to watch out for him and are always around to offer him a helping paw, or a boost over a low fence. He is always complaining about something. Once, he was caught up in a white net and none of the others could see him (or were they just ignoring him?). It was fun for a while, until he had <trouble walking back to the burrow to eat his food.

There was a time when Bungo and Orinoco didn't exactly get along, worth Brobgonal although now they're good friends. Bungo will sometimes succumb to a practical joke at Orinoco's expense, but it's generally good-natured.

In the old Wombles TV series, Orinoco wore a brown hat with a Womble "W" and a red scarf. In the]] (and currently), he wears a red hat with a Womble "W" and a red scarf. He is named after the river in Venezuela, South America