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Bungo is the drummer of the novelty pop rock band, the Wombles. When Wombles come of age, they carefully choose their names from the old atlas in Great Uncle Bulgaria's study. All it took Bungo was the few seconds needed to shut his eyes and point.

Bungo is an excitable young Womble who can be rather bossy and obnoxious at times. He is bursting with clever ideas and not one to let pass the opportunity to offer an option. He likes to think of himself as always in the right, even if he's not ("I didn't give the wrong answer, you just asked the wrong question!").

Bungo can be quite competitive and is never too shy to proclaim any victory, even in the smallest of competitions or games. He also always tries to be first to find a copy of The Womble Times for Great Uncle Bulgaria.

Although he's the second youngest in the burrow, just after Shansi, Bungo has probably had the largest number of adventures of many of the wombles.

Bungo has a great sense of humour and mischief. He is fond of pranks and can often see the lighter side of a situation, sometimes to the annoyance of the rest of the burrow. He is particularly fond of trying to unsettle Orinoco. He has a unique relationship with Tomsk, whose innocence often means he gets taken in by Bungo's plans and pranks. Bungo relies on Tomsk's physical abilities to help him in his plans.

But he once came down to earth when he had to go and rescue Wellington when a human was getting too close. To disguise himself, he had to wear a cardboard box over himself. Eventually he found Wellington and rescued him

In Series 1 and 2, Bungo wore a brown checkered hat with a Womble "W" on it. In Series 3, 4 and 5 (currently), he wears a grey floppy hat with a Womble "W" and a brown checkered shirt, though sometimes he still wears his brown checkered hat with it. Bungo chose his name when he pointed to a place in Japan.

Bungo, as seen in the Wombles 1970s TV series.